"Pink Underwear 2: Love on the Rocks?" Airing Now!

Prior to this sequel to the original "Pink Underwear" (2011) GAM-TV webisode series, Sean, a 23-year-old Chinese-American, met a man in a laundromat. Uncertain if the flirtation going on was actually something to act on, he plods forward, cautious but intrigued. Over that initial series, he finds out that despite an especially straight-forward sister, romance was still possible. Fast forward to the sequel. Invited to see his new beau perform in a straight rock band, Sean is hesitant. To build his courage, he decides to ask his flamboyant co-worker, J.C., to attend with him. Sparks fly and flames--yes, the flamiest of flames--ignite in this wildly entertaining sequel that speaks to what gay, Asian male (GAM) pride is all about.

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