'In the Family' Now Out on DVD and Blue-Ray

GAM-TV's good friend Patrick Wang directed and starred in a wonderful movie called "In the Family" about two gay dads eventually involved in a bitter custody suit. It's an endearing film that has now come out on DVD and Blue-Ray. Here's Patrick talking about it:

So after a beautiful 18 months on the road, we will finally be releasing IN THE FAMILY on home video. The company and care of friends, old and new, throughout this nutty ride has made a huge indentation in my life. Thank you so much. It's a privilege to be able to carry all these experiences with me.

As I thought about this home video release, I really wanted some of the conversation and context I've encountered along the way to accompany the movie into people's home. (For more detailed accounts of our adventures, you can get caught up on our website or Facebook page.) I also wanted to include some other voices who were early champions of the movie. So we have extras galore. In addition to a beautifully mastered feature film, the release includes an additional hour of video essays and four new written essays. Thank you to the generous and thoughtful contributors: Kevin B. Lee, H.P. Mendoza, Godfrey Cheshire, Michael Guillén, Dave Boyle and Brian Hu.

I can't wait for you to see it all.

Pre-orders are available now at Amazon: http://amzn.to/YROjOt
And Netflix will carry the DVD: http://nflx.it/Vz9UaB

I'm looking forward to this next stage in the movie's life. No doubt there will continue to be surprises.

All the best,